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We don't want it to be a secret: Some people ask us how chiropractors and physical therapists can operate in the same facility with one another.  Simply stated, we operate as two separate entities within the same facility.  These entities are named Holmes Chiropractic PC, DBA (doing business as) Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic PC and Wise Physical Therapy LLC, DBA Elite Sports and Spine Physical Therapy.  The advantage to having chiropractic and physical therapy providers under the same roof is that we are able to communicate with one another about specific cases, with patient consent.  This certainly does not mean that all patients require both physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.  Keeping HIPAA and patient privacy in mind, we are able to communicate thoughts and ideas on the best treatment for each patient.

We're not here to confuse anyone, so please ask questions if you are confused.  We have our patients' best interests in mind by revolutionizing the way chiropractors and physical therapists communicate with one another and with other health care specialties.