Chances are, you or someone you know currently has low back pain.  Low back pain can be caused by a number of different factors including core weakness, decreased flexibility, decreased muscle strength, stiffness, and injury. The following information can help you determine if you are experiencing low back pain and what you can do to try and address that pain.

Symptoms that you may experience if you have low back pain:

  • Pain in the middle of your back, on one side of the back, or across the entirety of the low back
  • Pain that radiates into the buttock, hip, and/or down the leg
  • Numbness and/or tingling into one or both legs
  • Decreased flexibility and motion of the low back and legs
  • Decreased hip and leg strength
  • Decreased function with every day, work, and/or recreational activities

So, what do you do to correct low back pain?

  • Focused stretching and strengthening programs
  • Visit a chiropractor for guidance and manipulative therapies
  • Visit a physical therapist for guidance and other palliative treatments

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