Meet Dr. Holmes!


Top notch, professional, yet down-to-earth, Dr. Darren Holmes knows his stuff! I had chronic shoulder pain for over 6 months, after my first visit the pain was reduced 75%! After not being able to do much for so long, it's a relief to get back to a fitness routine with Dr. Holmes' help. Having the gym on site is awesome, you learn how to strengthen and slowly work up to "normal" activity and this information you can take with you. There's no contract to sign for treatment, it's all up to you and how well you want to recover.
I would recommend Elite Sports and Spine to everyone, even if you're not in pain, routine chiropractic care is essential for a well-maintained body! GO SEE THEM!!
I have suffered with chronic back and nerve pain for 4 years. I have been to many medical/orthopedic doctors and chiropractors with minimal to no improvement. After only 4 weeks of treament with Dr. Holmes, I am 95% pain free and will soon begin training for a Half Ironman Triathlon!

There is a very warm and welcoming feeling in this immaculate facility. You are treated like family. Emily has amazing customer service skills and works remarkebly well with the insurance company. Dr. Holmes is truly committed to improving your quality of life. He is the first of many doctors who has LISTENED to my concerns and developed a personal treatment plan based on my goals for recovery and future endurance activities. Dr. Holmes will also regularly monitor your progress and change your treatment plan as needed so that you have optimal recovery. Making a phone call to Elite Sports and Spine has been a life changing experience for me!


Sports Injuries

I am so impressed at the care my son has received at Elite. He is a very active young man involved in multiple school sports. After a fractured arm they've been working with him in both physical therapy and chiropractic. His recovery has been much faster that expected and he's stronger now that before his injury. Wonderful care and staff!

Low Back Pain

I highly recommend Elite Sports and Spine. Dr. Holmes is fantastic. For the last year I was having leg pain, was told previously by other doctors it was due to issues with my lower back and I would need surgery. I wanted to try everything possible before going through surgery. I didn't know if I should go see a chiropractor or try physical therapy. I saw an advertisement for Elite Sports and Spine which specialized in both. I gave them a call and I'm really glad I did. Dr. Holmes told me he was pretty sure he would be able to help me and he did. I went thru several weeks of chiropractic/PT and now I'm doing exercises at home with no leg pain. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and they treat you like family.

Patient Testimonials

The first day I met Dr. Holmes he told me that if he couldn’t help me then he would direct me to someone who could. In my book that’s all I can ask for- Honesty. Turns out that Dr. Holmes was able to help me. I went to him for nutritional counseling when I heard that he had a gluten sensitivity. I was having frequent bouts of light-headedness, and I thought that gluten might be the culprit causing my problem. When I told Dr. Holmes about my symptoms he said that my symptoms were a lot like the symptoms that he had suffered with in the past, and he ordered a blood test. The blood test confirmed that I do indeed have what Dr. Homes had- hashimoto thyroiditis caused by a gluten/ soy sensitivity. Thanks to Dr. Holmes I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan for the health problem that has plagued me for years. And I would suggest that if you suspect a health problem that you have is caused by something that you're eating or even if you just want to understand how to eat better in general, then give Dr. Holmes a shot. He has a nutritional background along with his chiropractic skills I would highly recommend Dr. Holmes. He’s a good doctor and a good person as well.

*We treat most all neuromusculoskeletal conditions. If you are unsure whether we can help you, call our office at
724-202-6490 for more information!
Dr. Holmes has helped me out tremendously. I suffer from headaches and recurring lower back pain. I started seeing him in May and since then the headaches have lessened by 90%. My lower back has strengthened and doesn't pop out of place as much as it used to and I can now sleep better with out pain during the night. I haven't had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wise as far as PT but he has given me advice on how to strengthen a foot muscle after surgery from a year ago that hasn't healed completely yet. It's only been a couple of days and I am starting to notice a difference (slowly). I would highly recommend Dr. Holmes and Dr. Wise for all your chiropractic and physical therapy needs.

Shoulder Pain